Pricing for Profitability Bundle

This resource bundle includes our tried-and-tested Pricing resources to help you work out your pricing, increase pricing, and understand your profitability with greater clarity.

Bundle Includes:

  • Price Perceptions Guide 
  • Income Targeting Exercise
  • Pricing Comparison - Increase revenue or clients 
  • EBook: The Abundance Equation
  • Expense Analyser
  • Pricing Considerations Calculator

 BONUS  Video Training: Mindset & strategy of increasing prices without upsetting clients.

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Price Perceptions Guide 

A guide to pricing to position your brand in the marketplace along with important questions to ask yourself to determine where your brand fits in the market, and how pricing will affect the perception of your brand and offers.

Resource includes our spreadsheet

Income Targeting Exercise

The Income Targeting Goal Exercise is a systematic spreadsheet that help you reverse engineer your desired income.

This spreadsheet exercise includes:

  • Income Targeting Goal Exercise
  • Work Life Balance Targeting Exercise

Resource includes our spreadsheet and video walkthrough. 

Pricing Comparison - Increase revenue or clients 

A systematic calculator tool that helps you understand how to price your products and services to clients which can in return impact your overall revenue.

Resource includes our example and video walkthrough. 

EBook: The Abundance Equation

In this e-book, I outline five key elements of your business that you can leverage to ensure abundance in your business. Once you understand how each works, and how they relate to one another, financial freedom is simply a case of persevering until you have established that balance, and ensuring it remains stable so your wealth can continue to grow.

It’s an approach capable of achieving amazing results, but it’s also very practical.

Once you have your money sorted, you’ll have the mental bandwidth to pursue the other aspects of life required for achieving your own personal state of zen.

Resource includes a downloadable PDF ebook.